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Personal information

Portrait Inge Tempelmann Inge Tempelmann (Born 1962)

I live and work in Luedenscheid where I have a private practice in counseling and life coaching.

In addition to working with individuals on a personal basis, I also offer seminars, lectures and similar programs regarding certain specialty areas of my work, both domestic and abroad.

My career has been shaped by different influences—influences from my employment in the business world, in non-profit organizations, as well as many years of experience and diverse training in counseling. Through the different paths I’ve travelled in life I have acquired many different skills and accomplishments that serve me as invaluable resources today.

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Quality Assurance

I am part of the network of counselors who are accredited by the   IGNIS-Academy for Christian Psychology in Kitzingen and I am subject to their guidelines and standards of quality assurance.